An Open Letter to Our Friends and Family:

For the past year Roger and I have been convicted of the lifestyle that we've obtained. We've found our space just overflowing with unnecessary things. We've filtered through all of our belongings and realize that we have everything we need and more. We struggle with the best way to tell you this but we hope you'll be able to understand where we're coming from. This is solely based on our convictions and we honor and respect all of our friends and family, and the lifestyles that they have created.

We're asking for your accountability and support. It will look different all across the board, but we have decided to pursue a life with less. Meaning, to solely invest in only what we need and to learn to have a life of contentment based on having the bare necessities. We know this will change the ways of gift giving to us, but its okay. We no longer desire to be given things that aren't necessary to have. We appreciate the thought and generosity of all things given to us in the past but now we would rather you contribute towards investing in what God is doing in our marriage.

Image from Our Simple Life
We realize that we have been blessed with lots of friends and family who are givers and gifters. We are forever grateful for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Please understand that this isn't an easy lifestyle for us, but we have seen and know that a life with less is best for us. Words of affirmation and encouragement are always needed and cherished. You can always ask us personally if we need anything--instead of want. We'll always choose an experience over tangible materials any day so if you ever feel compelled to contribute towards an experience for us, we would love that!

We want to make this transition less awkward and therefore we thought we'd explain our updated lifestyle edit within a letter format. We realize there is no easy way of setting boundaries when it comes to gift giving but we are learning that less is more and our joy and happiness is not defined by having everything. Our joy and happiness comes from the Lord and him alone.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you all for your gracious love, kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity. Most of all, your understanding in the lifestyle that we're pursuing together. We've chosen to simplify our lives down to only the very things that matter. We personally feel a calling in this pursuit and are excited to have you by our sides. Thank you for your unending love and support. We won't be able to do this without you.


Roger & Dora

P.S. Please keep us in your prayers. Pray for self control, contentment, and persistence as we pursue the lifestyle of Jesus.


  1. Thank you for being so open about this and we will definitely be understanding/accepting of your lifestyle.


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