Fashion Rev: Take a Step Further

Since we've decided not to just sit around, lets start doing something. Anything. You will be amazed when you find out that it doesn't take much to make a difference. Lets start by taking a step further. Lets get to know our clothes even better! Pull out an article of clothing that you love to wear. Preferably from your favorite shopping store/boutique. See the wavy seam & the loose ends of threads that have been cut off? These are traces of the work done by people who made your clothes. 

Take a look at the label. On the label, you will find out what materials have been used to create your clothes. Whether it be cotton or polyester. Your label will also be able to tell you exactly where that piece was made from. So if its not obvious enough already, your clothing may have been cut & stitched together in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Romania, or any country for that matter. What your label wont tell you is where in the world the cotton farm is located, or where the fibers was spun into a yarn, or where the yarn was woven to fabric, or even where it was dyed & printed. It will not tell you where the thread, dyes, zippers, buttons, beading or any other features really come from.


Where did all the materials come from? Where were they made from? What would it be like to work there? What kind of people do you think are involved? What are their lives like? We need to be more interested in finding out the answers to these kinds of questions. 

When we start asking these questions, we'll be able to really take a step forward towards changing the lives & stories for those who make our entire wardrobe. Enough with the petty questions like, " Does this look great on me?" or "how does this dress make me look?" We need to ask, "Who Made My Clothes?"

Since your clothes is inside out already, then pull it on. Take a selfie with your clothing item, showing the label. Post it on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and tag your clothing brand & in your caption ask "Who made my clothes?" Now invite your fashionable friends & family to join the revolution. Wait patiently & see if your favorite clothing brand can answer this question. You'll be surprised that a lot of big name brands, aren't even too sure exactly where their clothing are coming from.

You see? This is not something that we can ignore any more. We have to get involved & create awareness. Come back tomorrow to find out how we can get more involved! 

Lets be Fashion Revolutionaries!

Use #whomademyclothes

Instead of clothing yourself with clothes that cause people to be afflicted, abused, and bounded in slavery. Let us put on these holy garments. From all these, flows love. May you know how loved you are by God. And may you also know that He loves those who are enchained. Have compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, & patience. Lets be the hands and feet of Jesus. Lets reach out to those in need of freedom, restoration, and healing. Awareness, is the first step to a revolution. 

Have you taken your selfie yet? Find out who made your clothes. And when you do, please share below. 

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  1. wow :O that's a brilliant thought.. I never think like that :O Seriously following you for more posts like these. <3

    1. Thanks Aimz. It definitely is something I've grown passionate about. I can no longer live with this sick feeling in my stomach. I appreciate your interest & open-mindedness. I'd love for you to follow me on my journey.

  2. What a great initiative! You go girl!!

    1. Thanks Haley! I'm beginning to understand that I need to use the platform I'm on to speak my heart out on these topics that I'm passionate about as well. I really appreciate your support!

  3. I love what you are doing. So many times we have a thought or an idea and we feel like we are just one person. What can we really do. So glad you stepped out on Faith that your voice could bring awareness to others. You definitely made me stop and think. I just may have to take you up on this challenge. I love change makers you are on the right track!!! Keep writing keep sharing...


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