Becoming More Intentional

January 1st. The first day of the year, Roger (my awesome husband) & I went out for coffee for the first time and made that our "2016 planning date". We've never really been that intentional about making plans together. We have casually pointed out a few resolutions we had & maybe even scribbled it onto a restaurant napkin or post-it note, but that's about it. 

We've been married for 10 years going on 11 next month!!!!! 10 YEARS?!?!? Time surely does fly, but it's slow in the midst of it. 10 years is equivalent to a decade. I've dedicated & committed 10 years to him & him to me. The thing is though, that between all those years, we've never actually made it a priority for us to be intentional. With each other, with our family, or our friends. But, we've recently just really felt a movement of people moving in a more purposeful way of living.

Enough with the impossible resolutions. Its more about making realistic goals. Setting deadlines & moving towards our dreams. Even if its something little, we would be a step closer to our end goal rather than giving up and not doing anything at all. 

I stumbled upon Leah's blog from that morning & her blog post inspired me to plan intentionally. So Roger & I sat down, coffee-in hand, and we went about planning monthly intentions to challenge us through out 2016. I'm publishing it here to remind myself & hopefully to encourage you to move towards your goals & aspirations. 

January: Pray TOGETHER every night.
February: Do 2 acts of kindness every day.
March: Read the Bible together.
April: Be active together. (Go on walks, hikes, workout, etc.)
May: Send out 1 letter of encouragement to someone per week.
June: Reflect daily on at least one thing we're thankful for.
July: Let go of one thing a day. (minimizing & decluttering our lives)
August: Read & finish a book together.
September: Journal everyday.
October: Document daily, a quality we love about each other.
November: Send out 1 thank you note to someone each per week.
December: Save & send a gift to each of our World Vision sponsored children.

Some of these things seem simple or even overboard. But honestly speaking, these are things that we lacked in our marriage. Making time for what matters most. We're hoping to walk away each month with a healthier habit. Not just let it end there in that month, but to challenge ourselves to carry it on into the rest of our years. 

I AM however challenging myself to be creative daily. To do one thing a day that challenges me to stir up my creative juices. This is why I've committed to this 30 day Blogging challenge. To challenge myself to making time for something that I enjoy. And to also train my mind to put my thoughts to words. 

I'm sure as the months go by, we'll edit in/out things that work or don't work for us. But we're happy with our year of intentions list & look forward to creating new memories together!

What are some ways that you can be more intentional in your day to day life? How do you go about living a life of purpose? 


  1. I love the idea of monthly intentions. My husband and I are working on better connection this year too, I might suggest this idea to him. Thank you for sharing!

    1. No problem! You know, it's all about baby steps! I hope you guys are able to work some things out! What's awesome is that we're able to personalize it according to our liking. Good luck!


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