Are You in a Season of Waiting?

Good Morning, you may have found yourself in a season of waiting. Whether it be for a new job, new opportunity, a long awaited child, or the return of a loved one. Maybe not by choice nor by plan. But by God's plan. I know how hard that may be. To completely have full trust in Him. It's easier said than done. It seems impossible right? Trust me, there are days where infertility leaves me feeling so lost & confused. Thankfully the Holy Spirit works in us & around us daily. Boy oh boy, do I need His daily reminders. 

If you find yourself in a season of complete stillness & you're having to learn to wait on the Lord, I hope some of these truths encourage you today.

Prayer is important. But most times, we're so desperate for quick answers from the Lord, that our prayers become desperate demands. Often times, it even seems as if our prayers aren't being heard nor answered and this results in feeling like our faith is fading away. We have to be careful not to force God's name under our "genius" thoughts & ideas. A lot of times, we somehow think of things and assume that maybe God himself has never thought of yet. This is where our human nature kicks in. We roll on out with every possibility of a solution for our situations. But have we ever thought that maybe, just maybe, this might just be a Divine Delay? That maybe there is a purpose in our waiting? 

It doesn't take faith to help God, it takes faith to believe in His promises. We so often think that we somehow have a say in what God is doing in our lives. We can believe in Him as much as we claim we do, but faith comes in the seasons of trials & tribulations. When you've lost all control or hope for what's to come. I mean, faith would not exist if everything went perfectly the way we wanted it to be. It's when we're at our wits end that we see God most glorified. In the midst of confusion & pain, what does it look like to believe that there is hope? We have hope. His name is Jesus. Our faith grows when we remember to cling on to His promises. Remember, its not about our performance that matters, its His promise. And if you don't know what His promises are for you in this season, then I encourage you to pray & ask God to reveal a Bible sibling that you can resonate with to help you better understand what God can also do for you. 

Remember, He is the same Yesterday, Today, & Forever!

Divine Plan. This season of barrenness in any area of your life could just very well be a divine plan for you to find some time of solitude with Him. When your plans don't work out, God wants to use your disappointment as an opportunity to transform you according to His divine plan. He wants us to experience complete dependency on Him, away from all the noise & chaos of the world. Therefore at times, we feel like we're in a barren land. All we see is complete wilderness and at times we see it as if it were a curse of some sort. But the thought that maybe God has something beautiful planned out never crosses our mind. It is a true testing of the heart when we're in a barren land. We can never be fully prepared for where God wants to take us until we are at peace with where God has us currently. Embrace where you're at. Rest in the assurance of knowing that your God has more power than anything else you may face in the wilderness. 

"In order for you to pursue the plans that I have for you, I have to break you down to the core element and the understanding that you are nothing without me. Because my grace is sufficient & my power will be perfected in your weakness." - GOD

I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return].- Philippians 1:6

What is something you are waiting for? What are you learning in this season of waiting? I'd love to know & pray for you. 


  1. I have just come out of a season of waiting mixed in with a lot of doing. I have been "waiting" to get on with my own life since my husband's death. I kept saying that I'd move, date, travel solo for my career and pleasure, and socialize more once the kids were on their own. This May my youngest graduates high school and I'm suddenly at the point I'd been waiting for and it feels rather daunting. As a widow, the empty nest is really, really looking like it will be empty! Ha. After all this waiting for this time in my life, I honestly don't know what to do---do I move someplace else that's less remote (I live in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains) like I've always said I would? Do I change careers so I'm no longer working at home and so isolated? So many questions. Now that I've stopped waiting, I'm wondering... How is that for a rambling and TMI response? Ha.

    1. There are definitely seasons of waiting & seasons of moving. Moving in a new direction, moving into a new opportunity, moving into a new season of life as your children grow. I can't say I know how you feel, but let me encourage you by this. Take that first step. Sometimes, in our fear, we choose to just keep waiting even after many obvious signs to move on from where we are. It is also in the moments where we choose to pull one foot before the other & take risks. Risking to be vulnerable again, to trying new things, to meeting new people. You've done enough waiting as it seems, I believe its times for you to move. It doesn't have to be one BIG giant change in all areas of your life. But just move, babysteps. God is ready to show you all the greatness He has in stored for your future. And if rejection, pain, & if things don't seem to work out, God will use those things to strengthen you. To be wiser and to know not to make the same mistakes again. We live & we learn. I believe that if we don't take risks, we'll live regretting & constantly wondering the biggest question of all,"What if?" I hope this helps! I'll be praying for this new season in your life Amber.


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