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If you read my blog, then you know I don't have children. None of my own anyways. But about 5 years ago I was given the opportunity to receive a child into my life. My home. My family (Roger & myself.) As I sat there at a women's conference, formerly known as "Women of Faith", the host had just announced that under our chairs were children waiting to be loved & cared for. Now, at this point, we were well aware that my PCOS made it much more difficult for us to start a family.

It had become so real to me. I knew that it wasn't impossible. But I also knew that it wasn't going to be easy. We had prayed over and over again, together & apart and it just seemed like our prayers would float up into space & bounce off the ceilings. There were times where we just couldn't talk about it. During that time in our lives, all we wanted was to desperately bear children of our own. I mean, every one around us, who had gotten married after us were well able to. But why not us?

Now I know, when I look back that we were asking God the wrong questions. In the season of emptiness & waiting, something happened. It was as if God wanted to magnify what He was doing in our lives to me. I felt my heart grow bigger that evening as I was reaching from under me, the child that was prayerfully placed there. I felt God tugging at my heart, "This is it. You asked, and you shall receive. Now how will you respond?"

There she was. the most beautiful girl I could ever ask for. Her name was Aracely. Meaning "Altar of Heaven." In that instant, God had showed me that the love that I desired & wanted to give away, why can't I share that same love with another child? It was in that moment that I made the decision to sponsor this precious little girl. There were so many questions that came up in my head as my heart jumped at the opportunity. 

I was still rationalizing yet my hands were filling out the form. "You can't even afford to put gas in your car, how are you going to sponsor a child? You haven't even discussed this over with Roger, how are you going to sponsor a child? You don't make enough, how are you going to sponsor a child? You're not even sure if this organization is legitimate, how are you going to sponsor a child?" The doubt and the fear was clouding my thoughts. 

But I stepped in faith. Before I could take back my decision, my hand had already returned the form to the volunteer that was collecting them. And in return she handed me an ethically handmade tote with an inspiring book inside. And next to the book was a packet with her face on it. Aracely. My new found daughter. 

Now I know it seems ridiculous that I call her my daughter. Because the fact is that I will probably never meet her in person. Never be able to squeeze her in my arms or kiss her beautiful face. I'll never be able to play with her and catch a glimpse of her smile. But I believe that  what I was able to give was what she needed most. 

I've been a sponsor mother for over 5 years now and I don't regret it. We sponsor 2 kids. 1 from Bolivia & the other from Uganda. We exchange letters. I receive annual updates on my children & hand drawing of their favorite activities. I get to send little gifts & paper dolls to them. And they send me pictures in their new clothes. The joy that I have in being a sponsor is priceless & indescribable. 

Most of all, I've completely fallen in love with the organization that brought us together. World Vision. They're headquarters is in the NW and are open for tours weekly. But that's not why I love them. I love them because of the vision that they uphold & strive for. 

"World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. We work in nearly 100 countries, serving all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. We believe in a full solution to poverty and injustice. We provide emergency assistance to children and families affected by disasters and conflict, partner with communities for long-term solutions to alleviate poverty, and advocate for justice on behalf of the poor. Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, we serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people."-World Vision: Building a Better World for Children

You see, I've also volunteered with World Vision. And time after time, I've come to learn so much more about the heart of World Vision. Its not just about sponsoring kids for life. It's actually assisting families, communities, & villages to someday be self efficient & self sustainable. The $35 that Roger & I send a month for each of our kids not only helps him/her but it reaches to their family, and 5-6 other children in the village. And they could be kids that don't currently have a sponsor. 

I've had the opportunity of seeing one of my sponsor children "graduate" out of sponsorship because she no longer needed it. Her community and her village had become self sustainable. Their people are able to grow & harvest crops on their own. Parents have good paying jobs, and they will no longer be victims of oppression & starvation. Children have schools & churches to attend to give them hope & a better future. All these things come out of giving just $35 a month. 

Now is your chance to be a part of something great. I've decided to stand up & be a voice for these children. To be an ambassador & speak up for them. You've heard my story. You've heard my testimony. Sponsorship is not a scam. Not with World Vision anyways. If something is tugging at your heart to experience God's blessings,then I encourage you to offer your obedience to Him.  

World Vision has sent me a few kids to help find sponsors for. They are from Haiti. Now you know that with the 2010 Earthquake Catastrophe, many people died, lost their parents, lost their homes, & many children became orphans. These girls are in need of someone to love & care for them. Someone to remind them that hope is still alive. Someone to assist in the re-building of this country. If you're compelled at all, please do not hesitate to email me personally at: .

And if $35/month seems way too unrealistic for you, I've also partnered with ApParent Project & they are also an organization that helps provides jobs for men & women who have become homeless yet need to provide for their families. Men and women handmake these bracelets. And it only costs $10. If this seems like something you're able to do, then I encourage you to do so. Every penny counts. Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of so many.  

In a world full of greed, chaos, & pleasure, why not give just a little bit to help shape the future for these children? 

Are you a child sponsor? If so, what are some ways you stay connected with them? If not, have you ever thought about sponsoring a child? 


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