DIY: Vintage Pearl Bib Necklace

I was cleaning up the kitchen yesterday & for some odd reason I felt inspired to start creating. I instantly remembered that a dear friend of mine had sent me inspiration pictures for a cute vintage button necklace. This was 2 years ago that she had reached out to me. It was during a time where I was very enthusiastic about the thought of opening up my very own Etsy shop selling handmade items. In between the past 2 years, I just didn't quite feel like it was the right timing yet. Nor did I feel like it was something that God was calling me towards. 

I still enjoy creating things & getting my hands into DIY projects. I just didn't quite feel like selling lil handmade accessories was all that God had planned out for me. This doesn't mean that I don't absolutely love the process behind making & creating beautiful & productive things. Below is the inspiration picture that my friend sent me & you'll see that what I made is not a replica of the original. But that's why I love DIY's. Because you still have the flexibility & space to add your own personality & touch to it. Whats even better is that its rare, unique, & you'll never find anything else like it!

I honestly purchased everything I needed in between that time, but just never got around to making it. Do you ever feel like you have to constantly get new materials and supplies EVERY time you DIY? For some odd reason, I'm guilty of that. So since 2 years have gone & passed, I figured why not? I may as well play around with it & see what I come out with. If I don't all these supplies will  just continue on collecting dust in my craft bin.

Items Used: Assorted Pearl beads, Assorted Vintage buttons, Metal Chain, & Necklace Bib. (Items not included in image: hot glue gun, hot clue sticks, & jewelry pliers.) Everything was purchased from Michael's Craft Store & Joann Fabrics.  

I had everything in my craft bins already so I didn't spend anything. It was just a matter of using what I had on hand to create something! I admit, at first I didn't really think it was going to turn out. But I love the end result! Follow my Instagram to see me style it! 

What do you think? Would you wear this necklace? 
Is there a project that you left off at, that could use some tending to? 
Pull out those creative juices of yours & create something today! 


  1. So pretty I would not have thought you made that. I would like it more if the colors were silver ;).

    1. I love gold. But I can understand why you would prefer silver. Thank you!

  2. That is an absolute beauty, cannot wait to see pictures of you wearing it, on your Instagram now! And yes, I would LOVE to wear that piece!!! And ugh, don't even remind me of pending projects, the dining table that I have been meaning to get my hands dirty with, if only I had 36 hours in a day, oh well...
    xx, Kusum |

  3. Dora! This is beautiful!!! Great job! I used to make jewelry, but decided to put my work into my writing which I'm much more passionate about. You are so talented!!! I've scheduled your article to post in my social media later this week :-)


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