Trust Issues?

Lord, at this time I need peace. There are things that I struggle with in life, & alot of times, I just feel alone.
Father, I know that I'm never alone cause I have you. But I need someone. Someone, to pick me back up. Someone to shower me with love & encouragement. Lord, why does this road have to be so bumpy & painful? So narrow? So dark? Why do I feel so alone in times like these. I feel like my husband doesnt even know my heart. And most of all doesnt even understand the pain that I am enduring. Father give me patience. Reveal to me what your will is Father. Give us a better understanding of what your will is for us. Because we are only human. We know not what you know & we dont understand why things happen to us. I trust in you Lord. I do. But through this time frame of waiting. I need you to supply me with love & patience. Is it too hard to ask for trust from others? Is it not important enough for us to keep things to ourselves? I dont know Lord. Father, I just don't know. 

In Your Son Jesus Christ's name,



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