So lately I've been questioning myself how I would react if someone around me was to share their news  with me. Would I be accepting of it or would I be filled with anger? Angry that I've been trying for years & still not able to concieve? Angry how easily it is for others to have a child, but just so hard for me? Angry that they've had more than one & are still popping out kids left & right?

Well, luckily, I've prayed for peace through this journey & I can gladly say that today my sister in law shared her good news to me, & I felt nothing but joyful with her. Maybe a bit more hope & belief that in the right time He will bless me.

I just thought that this was a HUGE stepping stone for me & I just had to document it down on here. I can't wait to see what God has instored for us.


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