What is Our Mission?

Recently, Roger and I flew to MSP to visit my family. As I was sitting at the airport watching people pass by hustling through the airport, a question popped up. “What is our mission?” So often we go on through life rushing, rushing, rushing. There’s always more things to do and our to-do lists are never ending. Do all of our errands and activities center us with our mission? Or most importantly, is there any purpose to the things that we are doing? I believe that we all have a purpose & a mission. But are our lifestyles truly aligning with our purpose? Are we living up to the full potential that God created us to live?

These are things that we often forget to reflect on in our lives. We so often get so caught up in the busyness of family, friends, work, church, & etc. That we let time slip away without ever really examining our soul purpose. And then we face depression & emotional breakdowns because we will have lost ourselves along the way. Not knowing who we are and who’s we are. We start to question what the meaning of life is or even what our purpose is. We feel restless & will at some point feel like giving up on everything. On our family, marriage, friends, church, work, and everything else that matters.

Since when did we give up on our lives?  I find that when I start having these thoughts, it means that I’m letting the things of this world consume me. I’ve gotten so used to pleasing people and I give into the lie that if I die to serving others no matter how tired I am, its ok because it’s considered serving right? Wrong. God calls us to do everything with a pure heart. How can we be living our life mission if we’re so pooped out from our daily schedules? We need to be careful. We so often get obedience confused with pleasing others. Our obedience is to God first and no one else.

As Pastor Francis Chan says, “We normally order our affections like the list on the left, when the list on the right is the biblical mandate:

  1. GOD                                       1. GOD
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Work
  5. Possessions                              2. Family, Friends, Work, Possessions.

Too many are content with the list as it is arranged on the left. But that list doesn’t come from the Bible. In fact, it stands in opposition to what the Bible actually teaches.”- From ‘You and Me’ by Lisa & Francis Chan

God is not to be compared to our worldly priorities. We cannot even measure Him on the same scale we measure everything else in our lives. We have but one mission and it is to live a life to follow Jesus’ example. To love God and love others, and to spread the Gospel to all the nations of the world. This will look different in everyone’s life. The way you do your life mission will be different from mine. But the results will be the same. Lately, I’ve been finding myself repeatedly saying, “God is doing something different in each of our lives. He is writing a beautiful story with different details but our beginning & end remains the same. He is writing a redemptive story in us.”

We are all but a small piece of puzzle in His great BIG story of redeeming love.


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