13 Things I've Learned About Marriage

Next week Roger & I will be celebrating 11 years together! Around this time every year, I start to reflect on what God has taught us throughout the years that we've shared in marriage. Some look at us and will say its only been 10 years. Other's look at as and are amazed that we've even made it this far. I look at our marriage, & I can vouch that God knew what He was doing when He brought us together.

Every year, we face more & more battles. Some are even against each other. But thankfully most of the time Jesus reminds us that the battle is against the enemy & not one another. I'm proud to say that I'm the wife of Roger. He is my best friend, my supporter, & #1 fan. Although he hates the unending questions that I have for him every time we come to reflect on our marriage. I know he appreciates them too. When we re-evaluate our marriage frequently, we're asking God, "What is your plan for our marriage?"

In doing so, God has shed some light to us on the purpose & gift of marriage. If you've been married for a few years now, I'm sure you'll resonate with some of these lessons that I've learned. And if you're years ahead of us, then you're most definitely heading into beautiful new seasons.

1. There is no perfect life/marriage. (That only exists in movies.)

2. Forgiveness is needed everyday.

3. Marriage is a partnership. We have to work together.

4. We need to learn to accept & embrace each other's flaws. That's what makes us unique/weird.

5. Marriage is God's plan to build you up, challenge you, & grow who you are. Not take away.

6. Our disagreements and arguments help mold us to become stronger TOGETHER.

7. Even after years of being together, you can still learn something new everyday about each other,

8. Dating does not end after marriage. We both still need to pursue each other daily.

9. It is possible for you to become the best of friends. (With lots of prayers.)

10. Communication is key. Keep your conversations going. Don't ever stop talking to each other.

11. You can grow more and more in love with each other.

12. In order to love each other well, you have to draw love from God. For God IS love.

13. Your relationship with Jesus will reflect your relationship with your spouse & vice versa. Will you let Jesus build your marriage?

What are some things you've learned about marriage? 


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