A Month of Lovin'

It's officially February! January went by all too fast! But I have to say it was a great month. I made a brave decision in investing time into this blog, I joined a 30 day blogging challenge to keep me on my toes, and I've been taking baby steps towards my God-given dreams! In January, Roger & I made an intentional goal: to pray together. We had days where we had to make exceptions & skip out, but at every opportunity we could, we made it priority. We didn't beat ourselves up too much about the nights where we were just too tired. God honored that.

In a month's time, we've definitely felt much more spiritually connected. Not just because we were praying together every night. But also because we've been super intentional with our own personal relationship with Jesus. Oh, what a difference it makes when we choose to fix our eyes on Him. Everything else, really does fall into its place.

Last night, my husband said something that was profoundly true,"When we have an intimate relationship with the Lord & truly experience His love, we'll know how to love each other. When we can be vulnerable with God in our prayers, we'll know how to transparently connect with one another." How true this has been for the two of us.

As we move into February, the month of LOVE, our intentional goal for this month is to do 2 acts of kindness a day. Whether its towards each other or for others. We want to purposefully share love & kindness towards those around us. We want to be intentional every day celebrating the love that we've freely received through Jesus Christ to others.

We've not planned out exactly what we're going to do just yet, but we hope to be able to brighten up someones day & put a smile on their face. To remind them that they are loved & that love still truly exists in a world of chaos & corruption. If you want to join us, feel free to let us know what random acts of kindness you've done! We'd love to hear your ideas & suggestions!

This month we'll also be celebrating 11 years together in marriage. In light of that, we've registered to attend a local Love & Respect Conference and my sisters along with their husband & soon-to-be husband, will be joining us as well! An entire month of love! I pray that you find time to send out love into the community that you live in. Whether through a big or small gesture, let some one know that they are loved. The month of February is not just to celebrate love between couples. I see it as a time to be reminded that we all look for & need love.

Lets join hearts & partner up in sending out love into the world. We can do this in the smallest of ways and yet it will speak volumes in our sincere intentions! Follow me on Instagram or Snapchat to find out what we're up to with this months goal.

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How was January for you? What are your goals for this month?! Tell me about it!


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