Love Knows No Limits

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Love is the greatest of all. When we love, we reflect the Father. We can reflect God's love when we know of His love for us. His love is bounded to us for He created us. It is a devoting love that endures through all our storms & disobedience.

His love is like a covenant, and He chose to communicate, redeem, and guarantee us eternal life in Jesus. He didn't have to, but He did. He loves us with an everlasting love. One that no man can ever understand. He loves us even more so than our own biological father could ever love us.

He adopted us at a high cost. Giving away His only Son to pay the price for our sins so that we could be with Him in eternity. His love lavishes us since before we were even in our mother's womb. A love like this, there is no limit.

Scriptures tell us that God is love. And from Him, we receive love. God loves us as a husband loves his wife. He adores us & is committed to us with unconditional love. He see's us as beautiful & beloved. For better or for worse, He is madly & deeply in love with you & I. He has always been passionate, consistent, & by our side. His love fills the emptiness of our hearts that no human being
nor creature could ever satisfy.

For you will find that even after dating & marriage, your heart will always have a weight of emptiness. I thought getting married would've solved the problem of my loneliness & my desire to be loved. But boy was I wrong. It lead me into seasons of depression. I learned that all my life I had been searching for love in all the wrong places. It was only Christ who could fill my emptiness. Only God who knew my hearts desire.

He created us because He loves us. Therefore He also created us to love Him as well. His greatest command is to love Him. To love Him and love our neighbors. To love with all our heart, our soul, mind, and strength. With our whole existence, He created us to be passionately in love with Him. God desires an intimate relationship with us. Just as we desire an intimate relationship with our spouse. When we feel detached or lonely, or when we feel like we're just waiting around for love to find us, God understands because He is constantly waiting for you as well. You see, He loves us so much that even He will not force you to love Him. Though His love for us in unending, He still gives us the authority to choose.

How great is it to know that His love is always on us. He loves with an everlasting love. One that has no end. His love casts out all fear & with His love, we can love beyond our own capability. From His love, we can draw our faith & hope. His love gives peace & joy to us when we are confused & don't know how the future will look like. His love protects us & turns everything that the enemy uses to harm us into beautiful things that builds our character and glorifies Him.

If you're looking for love, look no further. God is Love. He wants you to know just how much He loves you. You may think its impossible for a being that you cannot see with the human eye, to love you so much. But He does. Its written across the Bible. The scripture is literally His love letter to you & I. If you're married & you still experience loneliness. Don't be upset with your spouse because they are not fulfilling your heart. It's because the only one who can fill it is God himself. When you seek Him, you will find Him; and when you find Him, you will find that His love for you is like a blazing fire. It is warm, passionate, & all consuming. May you seek Him, and find Him. And may you find the Love that you've been waiting for. He's waiting for you. Always.

His love, knows now limits.

If you have not heard the Father's Love Letter yet, I suggest that you do. Press Play & hear the truth of his love for you.


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